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We Buy Owner Financed Real Estate Notes and Other Cash-Flow Notes

Sell your private unwanted real estate note, business note, land note, mobile home note and other cash-flow instruments here. Use the "Sell Notes" link to receive a no-obligation quote for your note. Do you have a note and money right now for some reason? Would you rather have cash now? If you're receiving payments on any type real estate note, promissory note or private loan, we can help you resolve you cash-flow needs.  we can provide you with lump-sum or partial cash payments for your note. 

Many buyers and sellers nationwide have taken advantage of the benefit of seller financing in the hot real-estate market over the past years.  we purchase these seller-financed private mortgages or contracts, providing the private mortgage holder with cash for today's value of the private mortgage.

Get your money now instead of waiting for the payments to trickle in over many years.  A large lump sum of cash can be used effectively to achieve a major goal while small payments often get spent away with no results.

Why Sell Your Mortgage Note?

If carried back a note for the new buyer, or if you have inherited a cash flow from a real estate sale and would like to get immediate lump-sum cash for your future payments, contact us now. 

Note holders sell their monthly payments for cash for a variety of reasons:

  • Invest in other higher return opportunities
  • Lump sum of cash right now
  • Risk of delinquent payments
  • Vacation or college tuition
  • Unexpected financial changes
  • Not having to foreclose on a buyer
  • Peace of mind...being free from the worry of receiving late payments 
  • Accounting and Tax nightmares, etc.

The Time Value of Money

Why A Dollar is Worth More Today than Tomorrow?

One of the most important factors is usually the length of time it will take to collect all the payments.  The longer I wait, the less value of buying power the money has, due to inflation and economic conditions.  This is what is referred to as the Time Value of Money.   Immediate cash is more valuable than money to be received in the future.  The cash value of a payment rapidly diminishes as it stretches into the future.  For example an investor looking for an eighteen (18) percent yield would only pay $123 today for a $300 payment due in five years.

Would You Like Cash For Your Monthly Payments?

Are you receiving payments on a private loan? Would you rather have cash now? If you're receiving payments on any type real estate note, promissory note or private loan, I can help!

Get cash now!

  • It's Quick
  • It's Easy
  • It's 100% Secure
  • And You Could Receive Cash in Days!

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